All plastic-Over varnish

  • Bright
  • Matte

It is generally used to apply a layer of gloss and matt oil to the outer surface cover after injection.

Advantages: bright light plays a protective role, it is not easy to scratch and produce quickly, the process is simple, and the unit price is relatively low.

Disadvantages: matte products are easy to scratch, while bright one the fingerprints are obvious. Dark color will have material lines after injection molding, generally limited to white, black.


Plating is done by vacuum lamination after injection molding and can be done in different colors.

Advantages: it has a metallic feeling and rich color choices.

Disadvantages: during the electroplating process, there will be dust or insufficient cleanliness of the rough embryos, resulting in particles on the surface or insufficient adhesion; at the same time, the color of each batch may be different, and generally the upper, middle and lower limits of the color will be signed as the inspection standard.

The storage method should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, otherwise the paint will fall off when it is wet and often touches the material.

Test method of adhesion: dry pulling, draw 100 grids, soaking in water, rubbing with alcohol, material compatibility test.

Magic color plating:The market is not widely used, the process may be defective at present, and the prices of individual manufacturers who master the technology are also very expensive.

Anodized aluminum

  1. Stamping
  2. Polishing
  3. Anodized (bright, matte)

4、Sand blasting

5、Sand rolling

Advantages: good corrosion resistance, not easy to paint off, strong gloss and metal feeling, and lower mold cost for aluminum parts.

Disadvantages: The color selection is limited. It will guide customers to choose popular colors. Gold and silver. Other special colors are difficult to control. At the same time, the dark color series is easy to fade slightly after contacting the material, especially the matte color.Compared with all plastic products and electroplating process products, the unit price of electrochemical aluminum products is relatively high and the delivery time is long.

Water transfer printing

  1. Injection
  2. Water transfer printing


Advantages: Less variation in color, irregular grain pattern.

Disadvantages: color selection limitations, mostly make in wood grain effect, have pollution, not environmental friendly.

External spraying

  1. Injection
  2. SprayingPainting
  3. Assembly

Assembly process

Pump core detection