PEF high-pressure polyethylene has become a new generation of green building materials

PEF high-pressure polyethylene products are made of high-quality PEF resin as raw material and high-quality artificial rubber as modified material. After mixing, intimate mixing and opening, chemical foaming is used to produce PEF high-foam elastomer. The products are divided into high-pressure polymer Vinyl sheet, high-pressure polyethylene pipe, PEF high-pressure polyethylene sheet has high elasticity, high flexibility, wear-resistant sound absorption, anti-condensation, low thermal conductivity and other high quality.

PET high-pressure polyethylene sheet

PEF high-pressure polyethylene board (buyer information) is widely used in industries such as central air conditioning, cold storage, shipping, medicine, petrochemicals, electrical appliances, etc. Since this product uses high-pressure polyethylene and other non-toxic materials, it does not contain harmful substances. 1. Precision instruments have no corrosive effect, harmless to human body, and are a new generation of green building materials with high performance and low cost.

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