Exhibit on China Beauty International Supply Chain Conference 2021 (iPDM) and won the “Moxing Award”

iPDM is a beauty industry supply Chain conference integrating raw materials, packaging, design, and manufacturing. Providing a platform integrating new market trends, technological innovation, and business negotiation for brands in the beauty industry, raw material supply, OEM manufacturers, packaging materials, and designers.

Most of our products at the exhibition are set series independently developed and produced by Shengwei factory.

On the show our cutomer can find our products have many specifications and options, and the ever-changing bottle shape can better meet the needs of large and small customers.

With the development of the skin care market, the pace of color cosmetics is also booming; among them, there are many single products of liquid foundation. In addition to the popular round glass bottle liquid foundation on the market, we have also added a lot of square and special-shaped foundations. In addition to the visual experience of craftsmanship, the liquid bottle provides customers with more hand-feeling experience.

Congratulations that we Guangdong Shengwei glass won the packaging “Moxing Award”

Our products invited to participate in the iPDM exhibition this time are part of our excellent craftsmanship. There are applique, hot stamping, silk screen, electroplating, spraying, painting, etc…Mature new effect processes such as aluminum powder painting, hallucination electroplating and chameleon painting are even more amazing.

We believe that there will be more opportunities in near future to supply our customer more mature processes and new bottle design.

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