Quality Control

The quality systems and the execution of the quality control process on our glass and ISO 9001 are strictly fulfill in Shengwei.

We undertake comprehensive quality checks and audits at the incoming, in-process and final stages of manufacturing and we have modern testing laboratories and equipment for the same.

 The standard operating procedures are developed based on the customer requirements and are in-line with international and national standards for glass industries.

Our quality inspection is at three stages:

Glass is made from natural elements. The main component is quartz sand. Soda lowers the melting point of the sand. Lime makes the glass hard, shiny and durable.

We located in Heyuan Guangdong where is a origin of high quality quartz. We control the quality since the material incoming and prevent the problem from the source.

Our own QC staff present during all production runs — day and night, weekends and public holidays.

They monitor variations and trends, acting quickly to deal with any out-of-spec production that may occur from time to time.

During production, the main QC points our staff look for are

  • Internal Stress
  • Deformation
  • Out of Vertical Finish
  • Air bubbles
  • Slope of finish
  • Hammered Appearance
  • Smoothness of surface
  • Mould seam visibility
  • scratches
  • Scissors cut imprint
  • Capacity at fill point
  • Weight
  • Thin Walls
  • Vertical axis
  • Bottle height
  • Side wall and base thickness
  • Sink & Bulge of label panel
  • Surface treatment

Here below are some example for our QC testing

When molten glass is blown into a cast iron mould, there is always slight variation. There is the fact that each and every bottle is minutely different.

And what we try to do is to limited this different as possible as we can and make sure the glass container that will go through the client’s filling line without causing any difficulties.

Quality Certifications

As a trusted and responsible partner at a global stage, we have aligned our management systems and processes effectively. Our systems have evolved over decades, ensuring consistent Quality of products as well as unmatched services to customers.

Quality Management System – ISO 9001 (click to download our ISO Cert.)

For more detail about our QC standard PLS refer to this Knowledge-QA inspection