ShengWei in GuangDong, China

Since 2001 and we focuses on the production of high-quality glass bottles and jars for cosmetic, perfume and other industries.

There are 2 environment-friendly electric furnaces, 6 automatic glass bottle producing machines and automatic coating line, frosting line, screen printing machine, hot stamping machine, etc in the factory.

Factory figures

20+ year

1st one
Use electric furnaces in GD

10800million bottles
Production capacity

For deep processing

Glass mould

Glass production line

Bottle making machines

ShengWei bottle making machine from Sanjing is becoming the standard product of today’s industry. It has more material drop and group number, higher precision machining and assembly process ensures the reliability and stability of product.

Annealing Process

Machine push the bottle into annealing furnace heating 550-580 degrees and holding for 20 minutes ,slow cooling process (slow cooling to 430 degrees) ,quick cooling out and then 100% inspected.

Glass bottle painting line

Deep possessing painting line for cosmetic glass bottle in Shengwei. We strive to build the company into global high-end packaging service platform integrating glass, injection and deep processing.


Over the past 20+ years, we have built our company into a packaging top 10 in China. Through steady organic growth and strategic investment, we’ve obtain decades of excellent achievement. Scroll through our history to see some of our corporate highlights.


Guangzhou ShengWei established


Guangzhou ShengWei deep process factory built


Jiangsu Shengwei production base start to operation


Guangzhou head office move to Baiyun Greenland Center


GuangDong Shengwei Glass Technology Co.,LTD project start


GuangDong Shengwei the New electric furnace start to work since September and the production capacity reach 15,000 million pieces per year .