What you can benefit from OEM/ODM Cosmetic Packing service?

Whatever you are an brand owner or manufacture or wholesaler you have an opportunity to leverage on the increasing use of OEM/ODM glass packing. You don’t have to stick to the factory designs of the glass container products because you have better idea and you could be avoid your company to unwanted industrial competition and increase your brand value.

According to our 20+ year experience, customization is good choice for most of our customer.

What is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

We have an ability to customize the products for you. Although there are existing bottle type, you can bring the designs and indicate what you want to have. Shengwei help come with the design of your glass bottle products and anything else they want to be included in the product.

As experienced OEM glass packing manufacturer, ShengWei glass technology produces the product with the provided designs and other instructions. Products are made to specifications and design requirements, which means that they are deeply customized.

What is Original Design Manufacturer ODM?

When it comes to Original Design Manufacturer, ODM, Shengwei Glass Limited will not only produce designed glass bottle products but will also perform all the tasks which include designing the products and manufacturing. However, the ordering company will retain the rights of selling glass bottle products with the company’s brand.
A considerable number of companies are requesting customized glass bottle products with their designs and specifications. However, some companies, especially those without specific designs, prefer Original Design Manufacturer.
Shengwei Glass Limited is an experienced ODM glass packing manufacturer and can manufacture both products without problems.

OEM/ODM Process

OEM/ODM procedures vary from one product to the other. However, the most critical aspect is that you have to present your designs , especially for OEM before any manufacturing can start. On the other hand, for ODM, you only need to order your glass bottle products, and we will come up with the design and anything necessary.

Here are some of the OEM/ODM glass packaging products you can get from Shengwei Glass Limited;

  • Serum bottle
  • Lotion bottle
  • Cream Jar
  • Foundation bottle
  • Perfume Bottle

Why You Need to Order OEM/ODM Glass Bottle products from Shengwei Glass

Every time you are looking for leading OEM/ODM glass packaging manufacture in China, consider Shengwei Glass Limited. We are the one who can perfectly match your demand. 

The reasons you need to order your customized product from us.

1. Experienced Engineers

Manufacturing OEM LED glass packing products requires experienced technicians who have been in the industry for an extended period. Our technical department is always at the service of brands to offer them the best final result for each project. Our engineers work alongside customers analyzing the best choice of materials, manufacturing techniques and components, to answer their desires and meet their packaging requirements.

2. Advanced Equipment

Some clients come up with very intricate designs that they want to be manufactured. However, it is difficult to put complex designs into tangible products. we has advanced industrial machinery and equipment that can handle any design. Anything that you bring to the company will be converted into perfect products.

3. Product Quality

The quality of glass bottle products plays a significant role in attracting customers in your company. This explains why we pay huge attention to the products we make for our customers.
Before the designs can be converted into products, we provide 3D prototypes so that owners can highlight whether they are satisfied with the design of the final product.
Our team of engineers is highly trained and has previously handled thousands of OEM/ODM orders so you can be sure that you will be getting quality products

Just send us an message and our professional sales team will response you in 24 hours of working time.