General Manager & Founder

Tao Pang

As founder Tao Pang has led the company since its beginning in 2001. A passionate entrepreneur and leader.He start Shengwei and leading the company into the future in support of its customers, products and their success.

He defined the strategy for Shengwei including we must have our own factory and be the expert of private model customization.The entrepreneurial journey of Shengwei was generally smooth, but also experienced many difficulties and low points in the development process. With the spirit of not giving up, He eventually led us here.

President & CEO

JingPing Hu

Ms.Hu is chief customer officer at Shengwei, overseeing the marketing, sales, and services teams. As the company’s Co-founder, Ms.Hu is focused on improving customer satisfaction and building a strong sales team .

She has engaged in the glass industry for more than 20 years and passionate about what she calls’turning strategy into reality’: aligning the company around an inspiring vision, mission and strategy; establishing goals and clear priorities toward achieving that strategy; and enabling cross-functional execution against those goals.Under her management her teams are always able to attract new customers and provide them with notch-top services in glass industry.

Our Team