Case Study: Cosmetic set glass bottle for Zhongcaoji

Shengwei helps an dosmetic customer from an design idea to a real product and win the award

Our csutomer has start his business and the brand since 1986 by his father. The son start to review the new image and design for the whole series product and reach us on 2020. They have move the head office to Guangzhou and they have 1500 acres of ginseng planting base in North of China.The market trend is changing and that’s why he want us to improve their brand image by changing the new bottle design.

Our customer needed a new design for their whole set skincare products, one that would address three important issues.The first was that they needed a customized look for their special ginseng material product so that it would have more attract appeal at retail, while using the Changbai mountain shape cap.

Next, the shape of the bottle is taken from the thousand-year plum bottle, which coincides with the Zhongqi logo of Zhongcaoji brand Ginseng Fairy

And finally, the color of the bottle is inspired by the traditional Chinese murals of flying fairies, the color is beautiful gradient color and high-end.


By partnering with Shengwei for skincare bottles, our customer was able to transform his design idea in a final, eye-catching glass bottle – combines an beautiful shape lid and glass bottle with color matte finish, creating a high performance and sophisticated cosmetic packaging solution.

In the VI visual design, the brand image of China Grass Group has won theGerman Red Dot AwardGerman If Design AwardHong Kong Designers Association Global Design Award and other well-known awardsThe Ninth Hiiibrand International Brand Logo Design Competition Professional Group Brand Design Silver Award

How We Did It

Customer‘s success is our our success. We take responsibility for our customers, and understand their requirement of flexibility in glass bottle packaging. Thanks to our dedicated secondary process, and cross-site collaboration, we fulfill almost every customer requirement.Now the self-designed “Shenxian Private Mold Bottle” obtained the national modeling design patent.Good communication with customerOne stop service from design to packagingProfessional production process

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