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The best custom bottle manufactures established Since 2001 & ISO 9001 certified. What we concern is always same as you.

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OEM&ODM cosmetic project supported by our strong R&D department. From an idea to an innovative product. Enjoy the fast response from us.

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Side by side with our customer.We provide professional support and best solution for the entire process from development to after-sales service world wide.

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Can’t Find Ideal Glass Packaging For Your Product?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free glass bottle samples that you can take advantage of.

About ShengWei

ShengWei have been devoted to the cosmetic glass bottle area for over 20 years.We manufacture a wide range of glass bottles and jars and we have a strong design portfolio on offer for Cosmetics, Perfumery, and Skin-care segment.We strive to build the company into a global high-end packaging service platform integrating glass, injection and deep processing incl.Silk screening, lacquering, hot stamping, hot transfer, labeling, accessory application, frosting, sand blasting, decal application.We will be your reliable partner for cosmetic glass packaging in China.

Sourcing Glass Container From ShengWei

Sourcing Glass container from ShengWei

Shengwei Case Studies

Shengwei case studies describe the specific experience of an glass bottle development and the process to find the solution for important project of our clients.Come and see how we analyse clients’ requirements, how we help overcome their challenges and improve the overall impact of their marketing image.
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