Shengwei 2021 Annual Orientation and Summary Conference Was Successfully Held

On January 18 of 2022, we held a two-day conference to summarize 2021 and look forward to 2022 at Heyuan Yujing hotel.

Total 29 management staff of Shengwei attended the meeting. Ms. Hu Jinping, chairman of the company, and Mr.Pang Tao, general manager, attended and delivered a speech. The meeting issued the appointment letter of special assistant to the general manager and commended and awarded the outstanding employees of the company in 2021.

At the beginning, Ms.Hu Jinping, chairman of the company, and Pang Tao, general manager of the company, made a detailed summary of the work of the company in 2021 and made an in-depth analysis of the problems in daily work; at the same time, they made a new deployment of the work in 2022. The chairman used various data to clarify for everyone: we are not only produce bottles, we can empower the brand with a new concept. Presenting a dynamic and promising Shengwei, it made the administrators confident in the future of the company and strengthened our determination to work side by side and win in a stable way to create the future together.

 Then, the department supervises summarized the work related to their departments in 2021 and presented their plans for 2022.

 At the end of the meeting, Hu Jinping, chairman of the company, and Pang Tao, general manager, made an concluding speech. The chairman and general manager fully affirmed the impressive achievements of Shengwei in 2021, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the future work. And stressed that 2021 has played a non-negligible role in the development of our company, and its development has touched the heart of every Shengwei people.

We have to accelerate the change of our mind and deeply understand the connection between standardization and professionalization in modern enterprises. That is, professionalism must be established on the basis of standardization production, our company can stand out in the brutal market competition and become a specialized, beautiful and strong modern enterprise.

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